Below is a selection of Silvio’s medium sized works. Either life size, or smaller scale.

2-Boobook-Owls 2 Boobook Owls $5,400
Bilby Bilby $8,800
Burmese-Cat Burmese Cat $3,600
Echidna Echidna $5,000
Galah-on-Rock Galah on Rock $5,500
Koala Sitting Koala Sitting $4,400
Lorikeet Lorikeet $4,000
Platypus-(huon) Platypus $4,400
Potoroo-w-Beetle Potoroo with Beetle $2,400
Quoll Quoll $6,000
Ring-Tailed-Possum-w-Rosebud Ring-Tailed possum with Rosebud $5,400
waldi-the-sausage-dog Waldi the Sausage Dog $7,700
Kangaroo Kangaroo, bronze – Healesville Sanctuary VIC & Thredbo Village NSW – $42,000
Eagle Wedge tailed Eagle, bronze
1 edition remaining – $42,000
Egret Egret Hunting, Bronze $6,600
Bilby Bilby, Cedar – Collection Haigh’s Chocolates
Frog Frog, Sellick’s Hill Marble
Gecko Gecko, Wirrealpa SA marble
Nautilus Nautilus, bronze, copper tentacles on green marble base
Pelican Pelican, Bronze – $5,500