Chiayi – Completed

Silvio with Chiayi Symposium Organiser Chang Shu-Wei

Chiayi – Completed

Silvio with his monkeys and symposium organiser Chang Shu-Wei.

Chiayi – Progress

Silvio’s monkeys are well underway after a week’s hard yakka.

February 2020 – Taiwan

Silvio is attending the Chiayi International Stone Sculpture Symposium. The theme this year is “MONKEYS”.

Te Kupenga – Sealion

Silvio has now carved this bird-bath with a sealion chasing a kahawai.

Te Kupenga Dolphins

The dolphins are finished and Silvio has started a sealion birth-bath (behind).

Te Kupenga – Progress

Nine days later…

Te Kupenga -Beginnings

The beginnings of Silvio’s Maui dolphins…what a beautiful work site!

January 2020 – Te Kupenga Symposium


Silvio and colleague Luke Zwolsman from Queensland are attending the Te Kupenga Symposium in New Plymouth NZ.

October 2019 – Art Meets Nature

This beautiful exhibition is on till the end of the month.